Seed Collection this Sunday

“On Sunday, December 7, 1-4p.m., we have the opportunity to visit Bluestem Nursery and collect native grass seed for the various Master Naturalist habitat restoration projects. This is a unique opportunity to visit a wonderful property, learn lots from the “grass man”, John Snowden, and enjoy visiting with friends while standing waist-deep in beautiful fall grasses…and because all grass seed will be donated to chapter projects, this activity counts as volunteer hours. If you’d like to carpool from Dallas, plan on leaving at 12:15 and e-mail me, danawilson59 at yahoo dot com, 469-531-6856, – I’ll try to hook folks up. The nursery is at 4001 Curry Rd (SW Arlington). Bring paper bags for collecting (handled paper grocery bags are ideal); wear close-toe shoes and bring bottled water. We won’t meet if it’s wet or if rain is likely.  Hope to see you there!”

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