Field Trip for Volunteers To Maddin Prairie Preserve

Field Trip for Volunteers
To Maddin Prairie Preserve
Mitchell County, Texas near Colorado City
Saturday & Sunday May 16 & 17, 2015 and/or Week of 11-15 May


Join the Native Prairies Association Staff to Survey Breeding Birds, Document Plants, Butterflies & Animals, Assist in Mesquite Control Project, Gate/Sign Installation. Prairie Dog and Horned Lizard Monitoring

Urgent Need for Volunteers!

We are interested in forming carpools from Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston for the weekend or during the week. Campsites are available and motel/lodging can be found in nearby Colorado City. We may be able to provide some camping equipment and food will be provided for those that attend. We received grants that provided funds for mesquite control but we need volunteers to help cut and treat mesquite to meet our match. All our spring surveys must also be conducted. If you are interested in volunteering and would like information to coordinate travel and accommodations please let us know. There is no charge from NPAT but gas money would be collected for any drivers.. Our Staff will be doing mesquite control all week and weekend and really need some volunteers to assist.. We desperately need volunteers so please consider and contact Pat or Phillip for more information. Please pass the on to others that may be interested.

Pat Merkord 936-827-7973 or
Phillip Quast

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