What Happened on The Great North East Texas Prairie Tour


NPAT’s first charted bus tour of prairies was a grand success. Writers and photographers chronicled the trip. For a preview of the trip, click here.


Clymer-basketflower-by-StalinSM15 hours, 4 prairies, 45 people, and 1 bus without a bathroom. Amy Martin’s epic tale of the prairie pranksters tour for GreenSourceDFW. It’s already been widely circulated. Look for excerpts in the upcoming Texas Master Naturalists newsletter. Photos by Stalin SM. To read, click here.

A short recap of the tour by M. Denise Costello. To read, click here.


Collection of photos by NPAT. Photographers not identified. To view, click here.

Short 360 degree video of Daphne Prairie by Amy Martin. It’s had over 500 views! To view, click here.

Short 360 degree video of Mary Talbot Prairie by Amy Martin. To view, click here.

Talbot Prairie photo (top), Clymer Prairie basketflower (middle) and Daphne Prairie (below) photos courtesy Stalin SM